West Africa Lottery Scam Email

Lottery ScamsWe all know about Lottery Scams and the attempts that these scoundrels make to fleece money from people.Despite the title of the email we are of course not referring to Nigerian Internet Scams.

It is unfair in our opinion to pin the blame on Nigerians,it seems anyone with an Internet connection these days is out to scam you.There are Lottery Scam artists from all over the world these days.

The latest is one of the best examples of a blatant attempt to commit Lottery fraud.This is the email we received.

Attn dear beneficiary,

We are still waiting for you to collect your funds $1.000000 because
your Your Payment Information have been release to you so that you can
be able to collect your funds as soon as possible.

We want to inform you that you need to contact the LOTTO PAYMENT OFFICE
through our email address:(claiming-office@lycos.com)to able us send your
Payment Information to you and collect your funds within the next 48hrs

Congratulations once again been part of 2015 West Africa United Nation
open E-mail ballot system choseen award.

Secretary genaral.

Mr.salam Abubacar

As you can tell this is a pretty poor attempt at making contact with someone to convince them to hand over either bank account details or cash.The sad thing though is that many people still fall for this kind of lottery scam.

To avoid being taken in is pretty simple.There are a few golden rules to follow.

The first rule is the most critical,if you have not bought a ticket for a particular lottery it is impossible to win it.

The second telling factor is that lottery games including our own EuroMillion Lottery,would never tell you that you had won a particular amount.

These Lottery scams love including an official organization into their badly constructed emails,in this version they have opted to go for United Nation in trying to make use of the United Nations Organization.

We will also not go on about the grammar and use of language.Someone was obviously in a major hurry trying to get some poor souls to part with their cash.

There are better emails making the rounds,better constructed and official looking.The safest option is to really stick to the basics and never ever part with cash or your bank details online.

No Lottery Organization including EuroMillion Lottery would ever ask for those kind of details.If you are unsure about the validity of something, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lottery players are advised to read our Lottery Scams article.

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