Welsh Town Gets Its Lottery Machine Back

We are happy to announce that the Welsh Town of Caerwys is to have its National Lottery machine reinstalled by Camelot. We are happy for the people of Caerwys who where outraged when Camelot decided to power down the only other Lottery Ticket service in the town 12 months ago.

In a previous article re the Welsh Lottery Fiasco we covered the fact that there had been a petition by the people of the town and a media campaign to get the machine reinstalled. A local news agent had to undergo a secret shopper test which it duly passed. It was then added to a short list of shops to be awarded a Lottery Machine.

If his sounds comical to you, you might live in an area where supermarkets are abundant and lottery tickets are easy to come by. Can you imagine having to travel for an hour by bus to simply buy a lottery ticket. We would not do it. The removal of a Lottery machine that many people make use of is tantamount to cutting of society and preventing them from playing the Lottery.

Camelot should not simply apply business logic for having a lottery machine in a location. Lottery games should be available to each and every single person in the United Kingdom, there should be a Lottery Machine in towns large and small. The argument that Camelot provide that caused the previous machine to be powered down was that there were better placed shops for maximising returns.

This in our opinion is disgraceful as the company already makes huge profits from Lottery Games in the United Kingdom. This attitude is also one of the reasons as to why there have been many bidders when the Lottery comes up for tender and why there has been criticism of the handling of the Lottery.

We applaud Caerwys and hope that they make full use of the new Lottery Machine when they get it back next week.


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