Player Wins Four Scratch Card Jackpots

Player Wins Four Scratch Card Jackpots

A lucky USA Scratch Card games player has accumulated 4 separate jackpot prizes playing Lottery Scratch Card games. These wins did occur over a period of time. It must be said.

You are not misreading this. This lucky punter from Virginia has won four separate jackpot prize amounts playing the Instant Win Scratch Card games via the Lottery.

According to reports, he first won $500,000 in November 2004. That would have left most of us feeling content and happy with our luck. Not so this lucky gentleman.

He continued to play Scratch Card games and reaped the rewards in some style.

His next win was for $25,000 in March 2005, and in September 2005, he also won a staggering $1,000,000 upon which he retired from his job as a postal worker.

Some would say that he could well afford to take a break. One would think that after this, he would be content with his lot. Not so.

The lucky man continued to play scratch card games and recently hit another $500,000 prize win on the Millionaire Mania scratch card game.

It seems that his passion for the games has not been diminished by the wins he has had. Although to be fair, not much is ever said about how much has been spent on playing these Scratch Card Games.

These kinds of articles normally focus on the wins. In his case, though, we are pretty sure he is well ahead.

Online Scratch Card games have also proven to be as popular as all the major lottery companies rolling out seasonal and themed scratch card games.

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