Update On Lottery License Award

The ongoing saga between Camelot and the Gambling Commission regarding the award of the lottery license continues with further legal action expected. If you have been following our coverage of the lottery license award, you will remember that the subsidiary of Czech Lottery giant Sazka has won the rights to the 4th lottery license.

Further Legal Action Re Lottery Award

Allwyn Entertainment is a UK subsidiary of Sazka and has vast experience running National Lotteries in several European countries. On the 29th of June, the High Court in the United Kingdom ruled that the legal suspension preventing the awarding of the contract be lifted.

Camelot, the initiators of this legal action, indicated that they felt it was incorrectly awarded and that the Gambling Commission had unfairly awarded the license. They would complain as the UK National Lottery, together with EuroMillions in the UK, is incredibly popular and a significant driver of income for Camelot.

Even though the lottery license award was lifted initially with the UK High Court ruling, Camelot has appealed the decision, so the awarding of the lottery license is still pending.

As the period for the expiration of the 3rd license draws ever nearer, it could disrupt the operation of both lottery games in the United Kingdom.

Camelot, who has much to lose in this instance, hopes to have the decision reversed. However, history is not on their side regarding the outcome. It is the sole reason for the continued legal action taking place.

Our opinion is that we think the awarding of the 4th letter license should go to a new operator. Indeed it might be a new operator in the United Kingdom, but Sazka has a long and successful record of managing national lottery operators in Europe.

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