UK Winner of £73 Million EuroMillions Jackpot

UK EuroMillion players do seem to have a knack of picking up a win when it counts. The larger EuroMillion jackpot games have all been picked up by British EuroMillion Lottery players and this trend has continued with the latest win.

We are of course talking about the fact that a UK player has won a massive £73 Million jackpot on the EuroMillion game played on Friday the 2nd of May 2014. The win was a single ticket win but it has not yet been established if a EuroMillions Syndicate has won or if the entire jackpot has gone to an individual player.

If it has gone to an individual it will be the eighth biggest EuroMillion lottery jackpot.All of this prior to a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK means that some lucky player gets to have an extended party this weekend.

The winning EuroMillion numbers are as follows : 4,30,31,38 and 42.The lucky star numbers are 02 and 11.

The identity of the winner has not yet been established and as usual the choice of whether to go public or remain anonymous will need to be made.

Make sure that you check your EuroMillion tickets both offline and online. If you have bought an Online EuroMillions subscription directly via us we will be informing you via email of any possible wins.

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