UK Winner of £53 Million Lottery

UK Winner of £53 Million LotteryThe massive EuroMillion Lottery jackpot has been won by a UK Lottery ticket.The single ticket win will in an instant transform the life or lives of the person or people who own that particular EuroMillion Lottery ticket.

This is not an April Fools joke, please check your lottery tickets and contact us if you are a winner.

We still do not know if it was a single person win or if it was a syndicate that won.What we do know is that the £53,193,914 lottery jackpot is the tenth largest EuroMillions win in the United Kingdom.

The winning lottery numbers for the draw are 8,20,24,28 and 49,lucky star numbers are 8 and 9.

To view all EuroMillion Results including the £53 Million Lottery draw and Millionaire Maker results, please visit the EuroMillion Results page.

As ever there was also the Millionaire Maker part of UK EuroMillions that rewarded a player with a Million Pound payout. Make sure to check your lottery tickets for this result. Far to many of these prizes are lost.

The draw on Tuesday saw only 1 EuroMillions player managing to get a 2nd tier prize.We are of course talking about matching 5 numbers and 1 lucky star on the draw. That person won an estimated £925,000 for that result.

If that was you, would you be happy despite the close to a Million Pound payday, knowing that you missed a multi million pound prize by a single number would frustrate us.

I guess the consolation for that particular lottery player is that they did win close to a million pounds, that is a large amount of prize money for anybody to win.

The next EuroMillion Lottery draw will take place on Friday 3rd of April 2015. As is usual the jackpot amount will revert to its basic jackpot prize level of £10 Million in the United Kingdom.

We do look forward to finding out more about this particular lottery winner/s and what they plan to do with the funds. No doubt it will involve new houses and holidays.

Until the next big EuroMillions Jackpot, we all live in hope.

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