UK Winner of £35 Million Jackpot

UK Winner of £35 Million Jackpot
UK Winner of £35 Million Jackpot

The last Friday EuroMillion Lottery draw for September 2015 proved to be a win situation for UK Lottery players.

It was both a Mega Friday Draw featuring a roll over lottery jackpot on offer.

The EuroMillion Jackpot has finally been won by a single lottery ticket bought in the United Kingdom. The value of the lottery jackpot is £35,170,063.00

The amount of enhanced prizes featuring as part of the Millionaire Maker part of the raffle was down to 5 prizes.We are normally used to seeing 10 Millionaire Maker prizes on offer.

The big news of the weekend though is the amazing £35 Million Pound win. Details of the winning lottery ticket and where it was purchased have not yet been revealed.

All EuroMillion Lottery Draw details including Millionaire Maker numbers are available on the EuroMillion Results page.

The popular Lottery game now reverts back to the default jackpot amount. That is of course the £10 Million Pound Prize mark.

There are still a lot of other Online Lottery Games boasting massive jackpot prizes. Check out all the different lottery jackpot games on our main page.

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