UK Winner of £22 Million Prize

UK Winner of £22 Million Prize
UK Winner of £22 Million Prize

The EuroMillions Draw on Tuesday produced a UK Winner of the £22 Million Pound Lottery Jackpot.The total value of the jackpot is a massive £22,464,583.00 in prize money.

This is the first time in the last 4 draws that a UK EuroMillions player has managed to take home the jackpot prize.Traditionally UK Lottery players do well in the larger lottery draws.

The reason for that is simple,UK players buy more EuroMillion Lottery tickets than anyone else.The popularity of the lottery game is immense, it is due to a number of factors.

First on that list is the size of the jackpot prizes,starting at £10 Million Pounds and often growing to massive amounts,has propelled EuroMillions into everyone’s wish list.

Lottery wins are tax free in the United Kingdom.That means that what you see is what you get,other EuroMillion playing countries do tax wins over a certain amount.

The one issue re EuroMillions in the UK is the fact that so many wins do go unclaimed. These are wins on both the lottery game and Millionaire Maker.

The reason for that is simple.Players do not check results or misplace lottery tickets.

There is a very simple way to avoid all of this. Get your lottery tickets online.

As of yet there has been no sign as to whether the winner of this lottery jackpot has stepped forward to claim the prize.

If you have a EuroMillions ticket for the Tuesday draw,make sure you check your lottery number details on our EuroMillion Results page.

It could just be you that has struck it lucky.

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