UK Winner Claims Win

UK Winner Claims Win
UK Winner Claims Win

A UK EuroMillions winner has stepped forward to claim the £28 Million lottery jackpot prize from the draw last Friday.As of yet,the identity of the winner has not been revealed.

That does mean that we do not know if the winning ticket was a single ticket winner or part of a lottery syndicate.

What we do know is that £28,000,000 is a lot of prize money and will make a lot of people happy.

Another EuroMillion fact is that the draw today is worth £17 Million Pounds in prize money.This is due to the win last Friday and due to the lottery draw on Tuesday being a rollover.

Much is now being made of the fact that UK Lottery players tend to win a large amount of EuroMillion Jackpots.

This is not down to luck as most would have you believe, the fact is that you do have to be lucky to win EuroMillion or any other lottery. After all numbers do need to match.

We believe the reason about why there are so many EuroMillion Winners from the United Kingdom is simply down to the popularity of the lottery game.

EuroMillions is by some distance the largest lottery jackpot in the country and therefore ticket sales will far outstrip those in other EuroMillion playing countries.

That means UK EuroMillion players buy more lottery tickets and have a better chance of winning lottery jackpot prizes on the game.

The popularity of EuroMillions is further enhanced by the Millionaire Maker Raffle.This part of the lottery draw is specific to the United Kingdom and creates 2 new millionaires per week.

Other countries do have added parts to their EuroMillion draw, none though resemble this unique aspect of the UK draw, and none are as generous as the UK EuroMillions draw.

There is a reason for the UK being so lucky, it is down to the fact that we buy more lottery tickets and thus deserve to win more. As they say, if you are not in it, you can not win it.

Make sure you are taking part in the EuroMillion Lottery Draw later today.

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