UK Teenager Wins £22 Million on EuroMillions

According to reports emerging today, a fortunate teenager in the UK has won a £22 Million fortune playing EuroMillions. The teenager wanted to maintain his anonymity and according to his father he has already done a lot of good with his winnings.

The young man has already made donations to charity and will undoubtedly not blow the cash like the King of Chavs – Michael Carroll did after his win. Michael Carroll is Britains most notorious lottery winner who after winning £10 million on the UK Lottery, went on a spending spree and today works in a biscuit factory in Scotland.

According to friends of the teenage EuroMillions winner, the young man does not need the money and hardly uses any of it. The article does go on to state that the winner jetted of to an overseas destination and stayed at an £10k a night Hotel while pondering what do with his new found fortune.

The wise thing to do would be to get Financial Advice from professionals and invest, invest, invest. The 18 year old simply wont have any issues with student debt and going to University and broadening his horizons might be the thing to do.

We know full well what we would do if we managed to get hold of a massive amount of cash like that. We are just not telling anyone until we have won it. We are glad to see that there are some sensible lottery jackpot winners like this teenager. He does join a group of young people who have won cash on Lotteries and most have blown the cash.

This Friday EuroMillions is worth £12,000,000 in prize money after Tuesdaysdraw saw 2 lottery tickets split the £157 Million jackpot.

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