UK Shop Worker in Lottery Fraud

Yet another UK Shop Worker is due to be convicted for Lottery fraud at Maidstone County Court. A lottery syndicate organizer brought his syndicate tickets in to be checked and was told that one of the tickets won £10 on it when it had won £79,000 in the Lottery.

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This kind of fraud must be tempting for often lowly-paid shop workers. To see the type of money being won on the Lottery and the temptation to take advantage of the situation must be enormous. In no way do we condone the actions of the shop worker; we are merely pointing out why it happens.

UK Lottery Fraud reported

This is the 3rd or 4th instance of this kind of UK Lottery fraud that we are reporting on this year alone. This is one of the reasons why we launched this website and one of the reasons why we always recommend lottery players buy lottery tickets online.

The convenience of purchasing lottery tickets online and the safety and security that lottery players get from playing online far outweigh the human element. As we have seen from above and other Lottery fraud articles, it is to a player’s advantage to remove the human part from the entire process. As we have seen from the above, trying to defraud Lottery winners is a significant temptation.

Camelot, who runs the Lottery, conducts extensive checks on Lottery winning tickets, which is probably one reason this particular fraudster got caught. If you insist on purchasing Lottery tickets in land-based venues, make sure that, at the very least, you read our Avoiding Lottery Scams article.

Update: Imran Pervaiz has escaped a jail sentence after the judge in the case concluded that his offence was opportunistic and mean-spirited. Whilst he has escaped a jail sentence, he has 200 hours of community work and a 4-month curfew. Perhaps this will teach him that trying to defraud someone is not a good way to live your life.

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