UK Player Wins £93 Million Lottery

UK Player Wins £93 Million Lottery
UK Player Wins £93 Million Lottery

A UK Lottery player has managed a single ticket win of the £93 Million EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot prize.

As previously pointed out in earlier EuroMillion winner articles,this win catapults the winner into 6th place on the all time UK Lottery winners list.

It has not yet been established if the winning ticket is a single person or if it has been won by a EuroMillions Syndicate.Whoever the lucky person/s are, they are going to have their lives transformed instantly.

We have pointed out in the past that UK EuroMillion players tend to do rather well when it comes to playing the larger EuroMillion Lottery jackpot games.The draw on Friday 12 June 2015 is an example of this statement.

Apart from the massive lottery jackpot win,an additional 2 lottery tickets from the United Kingdom also managed to get a Match 5 and 1 Lucky Number result . That is of course the 2nd largest prize on EuroMillions.

These 2 winning EuroMillion Lottery tickets will each collect an amount of £246,326.10. Ok it is disappointing to miss out on the jackpot prize, it still is though a massive amount of prize money.

If that was not enough in terms of winning, then we can also advise that another 2 UK EuroMillion tickets also picked up a result in the Match 5 part of the draw. Each of these tickets get to take home £65,686.90.

There was also the Millionaire Maker part of the draw which created an extra Millionaire this week. Often players do not check this part of the draw.UK EuroMillion players are particularly guilty re this.

Many Millions of Pounds in prize money is forfeited each year to the Good Causes Fund by players not checking the Millionaire Maker Results.

We made it easy to check EuroMillions and Millionaire Maker Results on  EuroMillion Lottery Results page.

Please click on the link above to view and check all of your results for the latest EuroMillion Lottery draw.

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