UK Player Wins £105 Million EuroMillions

UK EuroMillion Lottery players have had a streak of luck in recent draws. The latest is a £105 Million win on EuroMillions which has now been claimed by the holder of the winning ticket.

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£105 Million UK EuroMillions Win

UK Players Riding A Wave of Luck

The latest winner of £105 Million joins a recent UK winner of £180 Million. That particular win was of course when EuroMillions had reached its maximum prize level.

The winning ticket it has later transpired belongs to a West Sussex couple. One is a builder and the other is a shopworker. We are amazed that they chose to go public with the win.

Good on em and we hope they have a fantastic time. They have stated that they will do a lot of good with this win.

This is the fifth major win for UK Lottery players on EuroMillions this year and hopefully, we will have more prior to the end of the year.

£105 Million Winning Draw Numbers

The winning numbers for the £105 Million draw are as follows: 8, 10, 15, 30 and 42, with 4 and 6 coming up as the Lucky Stars

Since then EuroMillions reset and had another draw. The current lottery jackpot is £21 Million.

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