UK Player Strikes it Rich on EuroMillions

EuroMillionsA UK EuroMillions Lottery ticket has hit that jackpot and won a £107,932,603.20 prize on the EuroMillions Draw on Friday 14 March 2014.The EuroMillions Super Rich draw has certainly made a player or group of players extremely wealthy.

The winning numbers on the EuroMillions draw are as follows: 06,24,25,27,30. The Lucky Stars are 05 and 09. Please check your EuroMillion Lottery tickets for the numbers as at last UK EuroMillion players have won big on this particular draw.

At the present the owners of the winning ticket is not yet known. That essentially means that the lottery ticket was purchased at a land based outlet and not online. It is not known if the lottery ticket is a single person winning ticket or belongs to a EuroMillions syndicate.

If the ticket is a single person winning ticket, it will be the 4th largest EuroMillions win of all time in the United Kingdom. The hunt for the winner of the lottery jackpot will begin today in earnest.

We are of the opinion that large jackpot winners should remain anonymous. Unlike US Lottery games, EuroMillion winners do have an option to remain anonymous. The strain of going public is a well documented issue for EuroMillion winners.

UK players have had a very rewarding draw after a bit of a dry spell. A single UK EuroMillions ticket also managed to pick up a second prize win after matching 5 numbers and a lucky star.This won the player £251,609.50 in prize money. In total 7 players managed to get it right at this prize level.

A total of £113,242,240.90 has been paid out to UK EuroMillion Lottery players on this particular draw. Please check your lottery tickets to see if you are the winner of the jackpot and for the millionaire raffle results.

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