UK National Lottery Price Change

The UK National Lottery undergoes its very first transformation today. The price of a Lotto ticket will double from £1 to £2 of today. This is the first price increase for lottery tickets since its inception in 1994.

EuroMillions most popular lottery game

The changes to the National Lottery have come about in response to a wane in the popularity of the game. EuroMillions has managed to become the more popular lottery game in the United Kingdom, it seems that Camelot who runs both lottery games in the United Kingdom is seeking to borrow elements from EuroMillions to increase play on the Lotto.

The increase in the ticket price means increased lottery jackpots and more prizes in general for lottery players and this is what Camelot are pinning their hopes on for increased play. They have launched the changes with a £15 Million PR campaign hoping to persuade the UK public to start playing The Lotto game again.

The first draw of the New Lotto on Saturday, the 5th of October 2013, has a £10 Million Lottery jackpot on offer and a new Raffle in which 1000 lottery players are to win £20,000 each. This is the portion that has been borrowed from EuroMillions.

The changes include a new strapline from ” It could be you” to “Game changing. Life changing” has not been without its controversy. The organisers of the Lottery game have been accused of greed and launching an additional tax on the “poor”. There have also been calls to boycott the new Lotto game.

A Labour MP has also raised the question as to why Camelot is spending £15 Million on an advertising campaign when that money could be going to charities in the United Kingdom.

The first two draws of the New Lotto game will feature £10 Million lottery jackpots and the above-mentioned Raffle giveaway to 1000 lottery players. It will be interesting to see if UK Lottery players increase their play on the Lotto game.

We are predicting that although there might be an increase in the short term, due to the size of lottery jackpots on other lottery games, the lotto will continue to be the 2nd best lottery in the United Kingdom.

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