UK Man Refuses to Scratch Purchased Scratch Cards

Lottery & Scratchcard players are unique; well, they have to be, as they are continually bucking considerable odds in trying to win cash prizes.

“virgin” scratch cards would be as valuable as winning a jackpot.

We think ScratchCard players fall into an almost similar class, and when you combine all the above with the quirkiness of residents of the United Kingdom, it can be an expensive lesson.

Why do we say this? Well, a recent article on a scratch card player that refuses to scratch his purchased Scratch Cards caught our attention.

It caught our attention due to the sheer bloody-mindedness of the man in question and his belief that a collection of “virgin” scratch cards would be as valuable as winning a jackpot.

Collecting Scratch Cards & Not Scratching

The Daily Mail in the UK ran the original story on Dave Mannix, who has spent 20 years and £80,000.00 collecting Scratch Cards and refusing to scratch them.

He has an entire room of about 100,000 scratch cards which could have been worth a fortune if he had scratched them. As we all know, Scratch Cards are popular due to their instant jackpot prizes. Dave Mannix has taken an alternative route to win a jackpot by building a Scratch Card collection.

He states that his wife sometimes raises an eyebrow at his scratch card obsession. She is a better person than we would be in the same situation. Mr Mannix is now trying to sell his collection for £500,000.00; he wants to ensure that the accumulation of scratch cards goes to a good home.

He also hopes any buyer scratches the outdated part of his collection, which amounts to about 10,000 scratch cards. In a comical statement, he stated: “‘I’ve been told it could be worth up to £5million, but I’m only asking for around £500,000.” Dave, if you had wanted to know the worth of the Scratch Card tickets, it would have been better to scratch them while they were valid.

Now that the expiry period for the tickets has elapsed, they are worth precisely nothing. We have heard of people with strange lottery habits; this scratch card player, though, does beat them all hands down, we have to state in our opinion.

Good luck with finding a good home for your Scratch Card collection.

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