UK Man Arrested for Running EuroMillions Scam

Police in the United Kingdom have arrested and charged a North London man for running a EuroMillions Scam. At this time details re the scam is limited but the report does indicate that the man had obtained more than £300,000 after telling people they had won the EuroMillions Lottery.

This is the first reported case that we have heard of where the EuroMillions Scam has been practiced inside an official EuroMillions playing country. What is even more shocking is the fact that people have fallen for this lottery scam.

The usual Modus Operandi for the scam is an email based one where people are told they have won an amount based on either their email address or telephone number. Normally these scams operate outside of Europe and the United Kingdom.

Police Officers have indicated that they started to investigate this matter in December of 2011 after being contacted by a victim. There have apparently been victims of this scam ranging from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales to Stoke on Trent in England. Altogether there are reportedly seven victims in this particular EuroMillions scam.

One of the reasons for the creation of the EuroMillion Lottery site is to combat this type of crime. We have purposefully created a Lottery Scams page listing a wide variety of methods used. It is therefore very sad for us to hear that more people have been caught up in this type of thing.

The only way that a person can win EuroMillions or any other Lottery is if they buy a lottery ticket. If no lottery ticket has been purchased then it is impossible for a person to win a lottery. The other telling factor is that no Lottery would ever ask for an administration fee or a tax to transfer winnings.

Please be aware and read our EuroMillion Lottery Scams page if there are any doubts or even Contact Us for assistance.

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