UK Lottery Reduces Jackpot Win

The National Lottery in the United Kingdom has been in the news often in recent months, much of it has been negative news for Camelot who are the organizers of both the National Lottery and EuroMillions in the United Kingdom.

The latest headline news comes to light after a work lottery syndicate jackpot win was reduced after the lottery draw by £1.5 Million. So the fact is that despite the fact that the Lottery jackpot went live on a television draw with an advertised jackpot amount of £6.2 Million , these lottery winners will now have to accept a reduced payout after Camelot stated that it had made a mistake.

A spokesperson for the winning lottery syndicate has indicated her disgust with Camelot and questioned how they could make a mistake with a figure that was advertised on National Television to the tune of £1.5 Million.

There are 12 members of this Lottery Syndicate and 11 of the members would have taken home £159,709 with the 12th taking home double after doubling up on their lottery ticket.

After the shocking news from Camelot the syndicate will still get £124,621 each but the fact of the matter is that it must leave people wondering how such an error could be made when it comes to calculating the jackpot.

Social Media sites have been littered with comments from people re this case which comes at a sensitive time for Camelot who have just doubled the price of a lottery ticket. Most commentators on social media sites have stated that the doubling of the price of tickets has caused them to stop playing and that this lottery jackpot error is just an affirmation as to why others should stop.

Errors do happen but surely there are checks and balances in place to prevent an entire television show going live with an incorrect lottery jackpot. This is one of the questions being asked by the winning lottery syndicate, and we do feel that they are correct in asking these questions.

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