UK Lottery player wins £37 Million

The United Kingdom is seeing its fair share of EuroMillion Lottery winners. Fridays EuroMillion Lottery results saw yet another winner from the UK claiming a £37 million jackpot.

This is the eighth large EuroMillion Lottery win this year from the UK if confirmed today by Camelot. The winning numbers on the lottery where as follows : 15,35,13,30,42 and the Lucky Star numbers where 4 and 6.

To view previous results please click on the link above to view previous results and the Millionaire Raffle results.

The traditional media in the UK are wondering if the latest winner is going to go public with the win. This follows the massive win of £148 million by a Suffolk couple who went public with the win. If you won a Lottery of this size would you go public with the news. I know that we would think twice, a win of that amount is likely to bring a stream of visitors and long-lost relations to the door.

I guess that having this kind of issue would be a welcome relief as we would first need to win the lottery. We along with millions of other Lottery players live in hope.

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