UK EuroMillions Super Draw Winners

It has been confirmed. Two EuroMillion UK lottery tickets have won the EuroMillion Lottery jackpot and have split the huge lottery jackpot prize between them.

UK Super Draw winners

The value of the win for each EuroMillion lottery ticket is just a little more than 45 million pounds. It is not yet certain if an individual lottery player or a lottery syndicate has won the EuroMillion jackpot. This particular lottery draw was the 300th draw for EuroMillion Lottery. The huge jackpot prize generated massive interest in the nine countries officially participating in the EuroMillion Lottery.

The winning lottery numbers were: 11, 19, 34, 43, and 45. The lucky star numbers were 5 and 9. This is now the largest EuroMillion Lottery win in the United Kingdom and, if won by an individual, would, at a single stroke, make that person one of the richest in the British Isles.

Can you imagine how much good would come from a win of this nature? Remember that EuroMillion Lottery tickets will go up shortly to £2 per ticket to accommodate the new Millionaire Raffle competition.

The extra fifty pence will create a new UK Millionaire weekly, sure to generate even more interest in the lottery game itself. Who would not want a million pounds in the bank for the added cost of 50 pence? We certainly favour this as it means a new UK Millionaire on each draw. It is bound to make EuroMillions even more popular.

We look forward to hearing about who has won this EuroMillion Lottery prize. Currently, the National Lottery site seems to be down, so verifying if you have won the lottery jackpot online is impossible.

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