UK EuroMillion Player Wins £28 Million

UK EuroMillion Player Wins £28 Million
UK EuroMillion Player Wins £28 Million

A UK EuroMillions player has managed to pick up a single ticket win on the lottery draw held yesterday.

This means that the ticket holder/s have won a massive 28,595,278.00 in prize money.

In our article yesterday covering the draw we indicated that UK EuroMillion players do tend to do a lot better than others in the larger Jackpot games.

Perhaps this is not down to being luckier, perhaps this is all about the amount of EuroMillion Lottery tickets that are purchased in the United Kingdom.

EuroMillions has long ago supplanted The Lotto as Britain’s favourite lottery game. The size of the jackpot prizes as well as other factors have made this possible.

As of yet there has been no indication from Camelot about who has won the lottery jackpot.We do hope that the winner realises and claims the win.

There have been larger lottery jackpot prizes that have gone unclaimed in the United Kingdom.

To view all the EuroMillion Draw Results including Millionaire Maker results,please visit the EuroMillion Lottery Results Page.

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