UK Car Mechanic Wins 4th Biggest EuroMillions Lottery

Details of the winner of the recent £107,932,603.20 EuroMillions jackpot are emerging. The lucky UK EuroMillions player is a car racing mechanic from Coulsdon in Surrey. According to Media Reports this lucky man will be going live with his win at some stage today.When we say “going live with his win”, we do of course mean that he is speaking to the media about his incredible stroke of luck. The single ticket win means that he has picked up the 4th largest UK EuroMillions Lottery jackpot of all time.

There are now endless comparisons on how rich this fortunate person is and how his fortune ranks among rock stars and actors. That in our view is not important at all. What is important is how he uses the funds to better both himself and those around him.

A good example of Lottery winners who do good are the recipients of the largest EuroMillions jackpot in the UK. We are talking about Colin and Christine Weir who regularly give to good causes and people.

This lucky player who won what we now know as the EuroMillions Super Rich lottery would do well to follow the standards set by the Wiers. He is set to reveal his identity today at a press conference in Surrey.

As if all that was not enough excitement for you, ok we are joking, there is also a EuroMillions draw on today. The 677th draw of the popular EuroMillion Lottery takes place today with a £12 Million jackpot on offer.

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