Two EuroMillion Jackpot Lotto Games

Friday is normally the day for Lottery players to go online to get their Lottery tickets. Normally it is reserved for
the more popular EuroMillions lottery which normally boasts the bigger lotto jackpots.

This week however, the EuroJackpot Lottery is a strong contender with a €21,000,000 lotto jackpot game on offer.

The EuroJackpot Lotto game played mainly in Northern European countries is gaining in popularity and jackpot size which is the crucial factor when it comes to making a choice for which lottery to play..

Countries that make up the official EuroJackpot playing area are  Croatia,Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland,Italy, Latvia,Lithuania,Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

For further details on how to play the EuroJackpot visit our dedicated EuroJackpot Lottery page.

This week with both lotteries going above the £/€20 Million mark we thought it wise to highlight both of the popular European Lottery games.

Both lottery games  are played online and just as in the case of EuroMillions, players outside of the official EuroJackpot areas can still take part in the lottery draw.

EuroMillions remains more popular with UK players for economic reasons and the offer of a Millionaire Raffle which guarantees a new lottery millionaire each week makes it more popular in the UK.

UK Lottery player now also have the ability via our Online Lottery ticket service to take part in the EuroJackpot Lottery draw as well if they wish to do so.

With almost identical jackpots on offer this week and a smaller player base, the odds are certainly a bit better of winning a prize on the EuroJackpot Lottery.

As the saying goes , if you are not in it , you simply can not win it.

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