Two Days for £63.8 EuroMillions Winner to claim prize

As per the headline,the winner of a massive £63.8 million prize has two days left to claim the prize or it is forfeit. This must be the biggest jackpot that has yet to be claimed. The ticket was bought in the Stevenage – Hitching area just outside of London.

If in two days time there is no valid claim for the jackpot the funds will go to the Good Causes fund. Although that is always nice to see and to know that funds are benefiting society at large, we are biased in the fact that we prefer to see people or groups claim their wins on EuroMillions.

The EuroMillions Jackpot this Tuesday is worth £33 million after having rolled over three times. We do hope that the winner of the jackpot realizes in time to claim their winnings. It would be a crying shame to lose out on it.

We urge members of to share our Facebook message to find the winner. Click here to see the Missing EuroMillions Winner Facebook Message

This is another reason about why it is so wise to make lottery ticket purchases online. The system will automatically tell you if you have won and all you need to do is supply the bank details to collect any winnings due to you. To  play this weeks EuroMillion Lottery game click here.

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