Turkish Waiter Wins Millionaire Raffle

Turkish Waiter Wins EuroMillion PrizeA lucky Turkish waiter in York has managed to make all of his dreams come true, there is however a sting in the tail of this particular lottery win as he has had to share the win with the boss of the restaurant that he works at. Fatih Ozcan,the waiter in this fantastic lottery story had a dream in which he was holding a large amount of cash. His boss also appeared in the dream standing directly in front of him.

This particular dream led the inspired waiter to pester his boss to play the EuroMillion Lottery game with him over the course of the next day. Predictably the lottery ticket managed to pick up a major prize-winning the Millionaire Raffle part of the EuroMillion draw. This is also the part where the dream started to fall apart and the reason for us always advising on a written contract when playing with partners.

According to reports once the EuroMillion lottery ticket had been bought, the boss of the restaurant kept the ticket while Fatih kept the receipts and pay slips for the lottery tickets. Luckily for him he did and that a Judge ruled that his story was the more plausible as once his boss discovered that it was a winning ticket he claimed that the win was his alone.

This led to a short dispute which involved the police arresting the boss of the restaurant and the matter being taken to the High Court. The ruling that the win was to be split between the two was made after viewing CCTV tapes of the filling on of the lottery ticket which included both parties making number choices. That together with the pay slip and receipts for the  tickets ensured that the Turkish Waiter now has a half a million pound boost to his bank account.

This particular Lottery scenario is one that is often brought to our attention. Even when playing lottery games with friends or family, there should be a written record of who is involved and who can expect to receive rewards from winning lottery tickets. This prevents a lot of heartache and loss of money due to legal fees.

The one positive fact is that the players did check the Millionaire Raffle part of the ticket and claimed the win. Far to often this part of the checking process is not done and millions of pounds in winnings have been lost. The most famous Millionaire Raffle prize lost is of course the special £12 Million prize from a ticket bought in the Ladywood area of Birmingham.The ticket holder for that particular win lost out on a £1 Million prize per month for a year reward.

The funds that are lost go directly to the Good Causes fund or Heritage Lottery fund which do good works across the United Kingdom. Whilst this is admirable, we do prefer to see players pick up the prizes and live out their dreams of being a EuroMillions Lottery Winner.

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