Tuesday is EuroMillion Lottery Day

Tuesday EuroMillion Lottery Draw - £49 MillionFor a lot us the one redeeming quality that a Tuesday has is that it is a day closer to Friday. It also happens to be a EuroMillion Lottery draw day and today there is a very big lottery prize on offer on the game.

There are in fact £49 Million good reasons for taking part in the EuroMillion lottery draw today. The popular lottery game is now into its fifth consecutive roll over draw, the jackpot will climb to be above the £50 Million mark by the time the draw takes place in Paris tonight.

So boring Tuesday that is not the hump in the week or the last day of the working week has some excitement about it. A £49 Million Lottery jackpot can go a long way to paying off the mortgage.

EuroMillion Lottery has become popular not just because of the huge jackpots, ( We do admit that is the main reason ) the smaller prizes can also pay out life changing amounts.

In the last EuroMillions draw, two UK Lottery players each won £168,155.90 for matching 5 balls and 1 lucky star. One UK player was rewarded with a £78,472.70 payout for matching 5 numbers.

EuroMillion Lottery does pay out a lot of cash on each draw to lottery players world-wide. So on this wonderful Tuesday make sure that you have a EuroMillion ticket for the draw tonight.

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