Triple Rollover for EuroMillions

EuroMillion Lottery players have two big jackpots to look forward to over the next week, on Friday the EuroMillion Lottery jackpot will be worth £41 million.

In addition on the following Tuesday EuroMillions draw has a jackpot up for grabs worth a massive £80 million.

No lottery player managed to win the EuroMillion Lottery on 27th September 2011 causing it to rollover for the third time.

The winning numbers were 18, 27, 28, 35, 40 and the Lucky Star numbers were 3 and 5 and whilst nobody could win the £23 million jackpot, many players did get some fantastic prizes.

Six players won the second tier prize of over £855,670 each when they matched all five mains and one star while eight players could make it to the third level prize of £49,531 each by matching five mains.

The fourth level prize is won when four numbers and two lucky stars appear. This level paid out eighty-five EuroMillion players who won £2,331 each.

In addition, one UK lottery player won £1,000,000 with the Millionaire Raffle that guarantees a millionaire every week.

The next EuroMillions lottery will be held on 30th September 2011 for a jackpot of £41 million and will be followed by a EuroMillions Mega draw on Tuesday 4 October 2011 for £80 Million.

EuroMillion Tickets can be purchased at retail stores or online. You can buy tickets right away for both games.

To play online EuroMillions simply create an account at our authorised Online Lottery ticket provider. The biggest advantage to this is that winners receive email notification thus ensuring prizes winners don’t miss out on a win.

Pre-buy tickets for the EuroMillions Lottery jackpots on 30 September and 4 October 2011 below.

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