Top Cat Instant Win Launched

National Lottery Scratch Cards
National Lottery Scratch Cards

Scratch Card players have two new games to try out at the UK National Lottery. The Top Cat Cash scratch card and Cash Lines scratch card game launched, which can win you a joint jackpot of £65,000.

Top Cat & Cash Lines Scratchcard Features

As with all scratch cards at the UK National Lottery site, playing games are incredibly simple, and no download is required. Cash Lines Scratch Card gets priced at £2 per game, and players have 1 in 3.8 chances of winning.

The game consists of nine tiles, all of which are blank and clicking on these shows icons which include money bags, dollar signs, diamonds, coins, gold watches and cash.

Choose six of the nine tiles to show cash symbols. Match a complete line of these symbols on the grid to win the prize for that line.

Top Cat Instant Win is themed on the cartoon character and priced at £1 per play.

The Scratch game has a top prize of £5,000; to play, click on the nine bins to show the characters inside. If three identical characters pop out, you win the cash shown on the prize table for that character.

Also, if you find a fish bone in the bins, you win £5,00 cash instantly. Top Cat Instant and Cash Lines Instant are just two of the many instant win games available at the National Lottery.

Other Scratchcard Games

Scratch Card games include variations of Monopoly, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Noughts and Crosses and Hangman, among others. Some scratch cards offer fantastic cash prizes like the Bingo instant win, which has a top prize of £300,000, and the Purple Instant win, which can win a player £250,000.

Opening an online account with the National Lottery also offers players the advantage of playing EuroMillions Lottery online.

Please visit the EuroMillion Lottery Scratch Card page to view Scratch Card venues.

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