The Trotters Win EuroMillions

UK EuroMillions Super Rich Lottery WinnerWe simply had to have the above headline after Neil Trotter from Coulsdon in Surrey was identified as the winner of the EuroMillions Super Rich Lottery. He of course is already bearing up to the fact that he is going to hear a lot more of this kind of ragging in the future.Although not related to Del Boy and Rodney, Neil Trotter certainly has Del Boy acumen, he predicted to family and friends that he was going to win EuroMillions, and as luck would have it he has done so in some style.

He was watching the EuroMillions draw on television and realised that he had won the lottery jackpot when all the balls had been drawn. He has all the plans that a newly minted lottery millionaire always has. A fleet of cars for the race car drive and a new house and pony for his partner.

The £107,932,603.20 win makes it the 4th largest EuroMillions win by a UK EuroMillions player and despite going public with the win, Mr Trotter is reportedly going to give up his Car Mechanic business. That certainly is a wise move on his part.

Our advice to lottery winners is to always remain anonymous. It might be difficult as the organizers of the game might put pressure on the winner to go public, this does generate a storm of media for the game, we have yet to find out but when we do, we will let you know.

The fact of the matter is that maintaining anonymity means that not every Tom,Dick and Harry can badger you for cash as other big EuroMillion winners have discovered is the case when going public.

And finally in true Trotter fashion, the Trotters are going on a family holiday abroad as soon as Neil gets his passport renewed. Wouldnt Del Boy be proud.

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