The Joy of Lottery Anonymity

EuroMillion Lottery AnonymityThe joy of winning a big lottery jackpot like Neil Trotter did on the EuroMillions Super Rich lottery is huge.To become fabulously wealthy overnight is perhaps a dream that everyone has but few do. The stress though of having so much cash is to be factored into any decision on going public with a lottery win.

The team at are huge advocated of remaining anonymous. The simple reason for that is there is less stress in remaining an anonymous lottery winner than there is by going public with a win.

The recent win by Neil Trotter who won £107,932,603.20 on the EuroMillions Super Rich Lottery must already be starting to take its toll. Recent Media reports have already linked him to a far right group as well as bringing up stories from ex partners.

This is not a new phenomena. Stories about lottery winners sell newspapers and make a profit for companies that do not have the welfare of the winner at heart. Instead, they focus on issues of the past and dig up any dirt and publish this as “news”.

This is one of the reasons why remaining anonymous when winning a lottery is the wise decision to make. Neil Trotter is now going to experience the ups and downs of being in the public eye after his recent wins, we hope that the decision to go public with the win sits easily with him.

In recent months there have been many break ups and heartache felt by earlier EuroMillion winners who have gone public who now wish they had not.

It is always tempting to go public and let the world know about the good fortune you have experienced, it is doubly important though to handle the stress associated with going public. As so many earlier EuroMillion winners have found, it can cause a lot of heartache.

Our advice is simple, remain anonymous and avoid the limelight. There is no advantage gained from being in the full glare of public scrutiny.

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