The £54 Million Pound Jackpot

The £54 Million Pound Jackpot
The £54 Million Pound Jackpot

It is Tuesday and that means it is EuroMillions draw day.The added spice for the lottery draw today is that it is worth a massive £54,000,000 and growing.

We say growing as there will no doubt be a few million added to the prize after taking into account a last-minute lottery ticket buying frenzy.

UK EuroMillion players traditionally do really well when the jackpot reaches super jackpot status like it has for this particular draw.

Although Tuesday Draws are supposedly the quieter of the two bi weekly draws, that is not the case in the lottery draw today.

Make sure you have your EuroMillion Lottery ticket in hand well before the cut of point in an hour.

This huge lottery

jackpot game comes just before the next EuroMillions Super Draw taking place on the 6th of June 2014. As we all know Super Draws have jackpot totals starting at £80 Million.

We are hoping that this particular jackpot is won on this the eighth consecutive draw. The previous seven lottery draws of EuroMillions have all resulted in roll overs of the jackpot amounts.

Remember that the only way to win a lottery is by taking part in it. You have to have a ticket to be in with a chance of winning.

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