Teeside Syndicate 1 Number Away from £38 Million Jackpot

An amazing or heartbreaking depending on how you look at it EuroMillion lottery story is emerging from the Teesside area of the United Kingdom.

A group of 30 steel workers who formed a EuroMillions Syndicate just over a year ago won a £288,000 lottery jackpot playing on EuroMillions.

This particular EuroMillions syndicate missed out on a £38 Million jackpot when not getting just one of the Lucky Star numbers.They got all 5 lottery numbers correct and their lucky star numbers were 2 and 5.

The EuroMillions lottery draw produced Lucky Star numbers of 2 and 3.

Each of the EuroMillion lottery syndicate members in the group will be rewarded with a payout of £9,625 which although is not life changing, certainly helps to pay the bills.

The Lottery Syndicate Organiser bought the lottery ticket at a Sainsbury’s store and promptly forgot about the lottery ticket which was left in his motorcycle panniers until the Monday morning after the draw.

As can be expected there is a bit of heart ache about missing out on the single Lucky Star but as the Syndicate is way up in terms of winnings they can certainly have another go at winning.

The Middlesbrough area in the UK does seem to be a very lucky area when it comes to lottery wins on the EuroMillion Lottery.

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