Swiss EuroMillions Win

Swiss EuroMillions Win
Swiss EuroMillions Win

It is not often that we get to report on a Swiss Lottery player winning the EuroMillions jackpot.

We can only remember one other occasion where we have had a winner from the Alpine country.

Switzerland EuroMillions Tax

Switzerland is as we know, more famous for its secretive banking system,watches and chocolate than it is for having major lottery winners, it does seem though that this is about to change.

The EuroMillions draw on Friday 21st of March 2014 produced a single winning ticket for a jackpot worth €25,493,153.

The winning numbers for the draw are : 07,30,37,39 and 42. The Lucky Stars are 05 and 07.

The lottery jackpot was worth just over £21 Million in British Pounds. This poor Swiss EuroMillions player will not experience the full benefit of winning EuroMillions.

This is due to the fact that Switzerland is one of only 3 EuroMillion playing countries to implement a tax charge on EuroMillion wins.

This poor EuroMillions winner will get just over 31 Million Swiss Francs before tax.

Swiss EuroMillion winners need to fork out an astonishing 35% tax on a lottery win.

Perhaps it is time for them to consider relocating their cash to an offshore haven to avoid having to pay this lottery winners tax. There would be some irony in a move like that.

The EuroMillions draw today is worth £12 Million after the win on Friday.

Make sure you have your EuroMillion Lottery tickets for the draw. To get lottery tickets online, simply visit the EuroMillion Lottery home page.

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