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SuperEna Lotto is the Italian National Lottery game. Thanks to the online lottery, it is now available to online lottery players worldwide.

Superenalotto - Italian Lottery Game
Superena Lotto Online

SuperEna Lotto Details

The SuperEna lotto game originally launched in the 1950s and was called EnaLotto back then. It has been popular ever since, but more so after the new and improved SuperEna version launched in 1997 by lottery organizers SISAL.

How & When to Play SuperEna

The SuperEna Lottery game plays at 7:30 pm Central European time, three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. SuperEna Lotto Results are announced on SISAL TV, a channel run by Italian lotto organizers since 1997.

To play this lottery game, all you have to do is select 6 numbers from 1 to 90 and then wait for the draw. Six main numbers and one “Jolly number” are drawn during the game.

In the game’s original format, these numbers got taken from those drawn during 7 different regional lotto games held by Lottomatica.

SuperEna Lotto Numbers

The main numbers were the first numbers drawn from six Italian cities in the following order:  Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome. The Jolly number was the first number drawn in the Venice regional lotto.

The SuperEna Lotto process for drawing winning numbers changed in 2009. There is now a single independent draw for all seven numbers, and it has nothing to do with the Lottomatica regional draws.

The SuperEna Lottery offers five different prizes based on the numbers you select matched against those drawn. If you match all 6 main numbers, you win the grand jackpot prize.

Match 5 main numbers plus the Jolly number, and you win the second prize. Hence, the Jolly Number’s sole purpose is to increase your chances of winning a big jackpot.

Match 3 to 5 main numbers to win smaller cash prizes. The prize amounts awarded are determined by the amount in the prize pool for that particular draw.

SuperEna Lotto Jackpots

The SuperEna lottery jackpot has rolled over and topped wins of above €100 million four times in its history. The largest jackpot win on SuperEna was as recent as 13 August 2019 for €209.1 Million.

The win above is also the largest single lottery jackpot payout in Europe. It even tops the largest EuroMillion Lottery payout. EuroMillions is capped, though, whereas this Italian Lottery is not.

The second-biggest individual win on the SuperEna lottery was on October 30th 2010. A single ticket holder got the top prize of €177,800,000.

The third-largest jackpot amount won was €147,807,299.08 on August 22nd 2009, also by one ticket holder from Bagnone. A massive jackpot of €100,756,197.30 was won on October 23rd 2008, by a single ticket in Catania, making them the third top winner in this lotto game.

The SuperEna lottery jackpot starts at €1.3million and rolls over until it is hit. The record-breaking wins awarded here make this lottery incredibly popular. Italians love the lottery and spend over €27 billion playing the awesome SuperEna lotto game.

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