Super 3 WoW Scratch Card

Super 3 WoW Online scratch Card

The new Super 3 WoW Scratch Card has arrived. It is an update on the 3 Wow scratch card. As per the name, the new version has multi scratchcards. Scratch Card Players can choose how many scratch cards they want to select in each scratch game.

Million Pound Prize Online Scratch Card

The top prize on the Super 3 Wow scratch card is the main attraction. It is now worth a massive £1 Million.

That means scratch players have to hit a maximum jackpot and the greatest multiplier on the Super 3 Wow scratch game to win the top jackpot.

You know what they say, though, he who dares, or is that she who dares.

The Super 3 Wow scratch card game is a lot of fun. This will be a welcome upgrade to the old 3 wow scratch card game that proved to be a big hit for instant jackpot enthusiasts.

Players can try out the new scratch card game at a variety of Scratch Card sites. Normally scratch card sites get a free sign up bonus when registering for the first time at a scratch site.

To play the Super 3 WoW Scratch Card game, visit our Scratch Card Review page. New Scratch Card players get £5 free for simply registering.

European Scratch Card players are also welcomed at all Online Scratch Card venues with free sign-up bonuses to play any online scratch card games on the sites.

There are several excellent scratch games on offer with massive instant jackpots, as is the habit with scratch card games.

Our favourite scratch card at present is obviously the one we are putting forward on this post. The reason for liking it so much is quite simple. It has a Million Pound Scratch Card Jackpot.

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