Store Owner Lottery Theft Conviction

A Syracuse New York store owner has been convicted of trying to steal the winnings from a School Maintenance man. The lottery scam came to light when the $5 Million jackpot was claimed by the store owners sons.

This particular real life lottery scam once again involves dishonest store workers looking to make a quick buck. The matter began five years ago when the self admitted substance abuser Robert Myles tried to cash in on a win on a scratch card game.

The store owners sons convinced the man that the win was worth $5000 rather than the $5 Million it was worth. They then waited until the time period for claiming the win had almost expired before claiming it.

New York Lottery officials investigated the matter and came to the conclusion that there was something wrong and denied a payout. At the same time Robert Myles launched a legal suit against the store owner and sons.

This saga has now come to an end with the son being jailed for 8 years and the father as the owner of the store receiving a 3 year sentence.

The store owner and his family have paid a heavy price for this opportunistic swindle. Two members of the family have criminal records as well as all lottery products being removed from the store.

This is again another warning for lottery players to check all lottery results themselves via the plethora of online lottery ticket services that can be found on the internet.

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