Spanish Player Wins EuroMillions

Spanish Player Wins EuroMillions
Spanish Player Wins EuroMillions

A lucky Spanish player has managed to win the last EuroMillions jackpot worth just a little over £17 Million. For those of you that are interested, it is worth €24,835,107 in the Euro currency.

That does mean that lottery enthusiasts only have the basic EuroMillions jackpot to play for today. That if you did not know is worth a paltry £10,000,000 in prize money.

We are so used to having larger jackpots these days on EuroMillions that it is a bit of a deflater once you have to play for just the basic jackpot.

As we stated in earlier EuroMillion articles,your chances of winning are a lot better when the lottery jackpot is smaller. The main reason for that is simply down to the amount of lottery players taking part.

The smaller the jackpot, the fewer in amount of lottery players tend to take part. This therefore leaves the way open for you as the odds are better of winning.

We would never turn down a £10 Million Jackpot.

UK Lottery players do tend to have better fortune when it comes to playing the larger lottery games. The last draw was worth just over £17 Million and the best place a UK player achieved was a 2nd tier prize.

That is of course a match of 5 balls and 1 lucky star. That lottery player is probably cursing their luck on a number of fronts.The first being missing out on a major payday due to missing 1 lucky star.

The last reason is that they only win just a little over £95,000 due to the fact that 12 players got this result.It is still a decent payday despite missing out on a larger prize.

EuroMillions is held today and as usual the draw takes place in Paris later today. Ensure that you have lottery tickets at hand well before the draw time.

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