Spanish Lottery Winner Seeked

An amazing lottery story is currently making headlines around Europe. The Spanish city of La Coruna is seeking a lottery player who has won a massive €4.7 million jackpot on the Spanish Lottery. Unfortunately for the player, they forgot their ticket at a lottery outlet. The winning lottery ticket was handed to the manager of the lottery outlet, who informed the lottery authorities of the matter.

Jackpot waiting to be claimed

All of this happened pre-draw, so no one at that stage knew the lottery ticket had won a massive prize. Authorities in the city of La Coruna, which is in Northern Spain, have now publicized the matter, hoping to locate the winning ticket owner.

The Mayor of La Coruna has stated that he is the first Spanish Mayor to be looking to give a person millions instead of looking for a millionaire to ask for millions. As La Coruna is on the path to Santiago, it is a city that attracts a lot of tourists. A tourist could have purchased this ticket.

Locals are hoping that the winning lottery ticket has been purchased by a local, and anyone claiming the ticket will have to prove that the ticket is theirs. Spanish law insists that every effort is made to find lottery jackpot winners; if the prize is not claimed within two years, the winnings will go to the person who handed in the lottery ticket.

Now that is what we call rewarding a good deed if that is ever the case. It will be a nervous two-year wait for the person who handed in the winning lottery ticket. This story again highlights the need for lottery players always to sign the back of lottery tickets once a purchase is made.

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