Spanish €37 Million EuroMillions Win

A lucky Spanish EuroMillions player has won the main jackpot prize totalling €37,632,165 on the Tuesday EuroMillions draw that took place yesterday. The British Pound equivalent was just a little over £29 Million

British EuroMillion Lottery players did not experience much luck in the draw with the best placed result gaining prizes in the fourth tier of prizes. That is a match 4 numbers and 2 lucky stars level if you did not know. UK players who got this result were all rewarded with £2,471.20 in prize money. Forty Nine lottery players managed to get this result of which eleven came from the United Kingdom.

A single EuroMillions ticket did manage to match 5 numbers and 1 lucky star. Getting this result earned the lottery ticket holder a pay-day of €1,021,863 which is a decent prize. The fact that only a single ticket managed to match this second tier prize level means that it is a million euro pay-day for a lucky lottery player.

The winning EuroMillion Numbers are as follows : 10,23,35,40 and 43. The Lucky Star numbers are 03 and 09. Lottery players are able to view all the results including earlier EuroMillion draws on our dedicated EuroMillions Results page.

The results page includes the Millionaire Raffle details that UK EuroMillion players take part in. So a hearty congratulations to the latest Spanish EuroMillions winner and for the rest of us it is back to the drawing board. The jackpot prize once again reverts to the default level of £12 Million for the draw taking place on Friday the 1st of August 2014.

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