Single Mother Wins $14 Million Powerball Jackpot

A lovely story is emerging in the USA. A single mother of four children who made a mistake when buying her Powerball Lottery tickets has won a massive $14 million lottery on the SuperLotto Plus. The mother of four, a California resident, bought her ticket at a CVS store in Mission Viejo.

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This lucky lady normally spends $4 on buying Lottery tickets. Still, on this occasion, she mistakenly put in an extra dollar in the self-service machine and, upon realizing that she had put an extra dollar in, decided to put the remaining dollar in her wallet into the lottery terminal to get an extra SuperLotto plus a lottery ticket.

It was this 6th Lottery ticket that proved to be the jackpot-winning ticket for her. According to reports, the SuperLotto Plus was not hit for eight consecutive draws until this big win. Upon confirming her win at the CVS Store, she ran screaming out of the store.

Powerball Lottery Jackpot

In the interim, the Powerball Lottery jackpot has grown even further and has an estimated jackpot of $222 Million. That makes it a cash jackpot after taxes of $144,5 Million.

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