Shopkeeper in EuroMillion Ticket Fraud

A Oldham Shopkeeper has been caught attempting to cash in a winning EuroMillions ticket that did not belong to him.

Farrakh Nizzar also knows as ” Lucky” attempted to con Maureen Holt out of the £1 Million pound winning ticket by claiming that nothing was won on it. He then contacted Camelot claiming to have bought the ticket.

Camelot became suspicious during checks as the shopkeeper claimed to have bought it at the store he was working at when in fact it was bought at Tesco and could be traced back to Mrs Holt. Camelot do not just hand over money. They perform verification to make sure that the right people get the money.

Mrs Holt and her husband Fred are very lucky people that they have this stringent policy in place as with this win Fred Holt is now able to retire in some comfort according to reports.

Farrakh Nizzar went on the run for a short time and is now in police custody and is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to fraud. When buying land based lottery tickets Camelot encourage ticket holders to always sign the back of the ticket. This will make sure that relevant checks are made.

The above situation is exactly why we always recommend buying Lottery tickets online. Sometimes the temptation to take what is not yours can be too great for people, especially when there is lots of money involved.

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