Shop Keeper Caught in Lottery Fraud

Yet another shopkeeper has been caught trying to defraud a lottery player out of winnings.

On this occasion it involved a US player who won a $1 Million Scratch Card jackpot after purchasing the scratch card at a New York convenience store.

He handed the scratch card over to receive a prize and was told that the prize was $1000 when in fact it was worth $1 Million.

This is the second high-profile case of attempted lottery fraud by shop keepers this year alone in the New York State area.

The winning player returned to the store the next day and was offered $10,000 not to go to the police re the matter after he voiced his suspicions.

The store owner and his son, who paid out the original winning amount of $1000 have now been hit with a Grand Larceny charge. and will lose the right to sell lottery tickets at the store.

At the heart of this issue lies that thing people call greed. This type of attempted lottery fraud is not unique to New York.It happens all over the world including the United Kingdom.

More than one dishonest shopkeeper has been caught trying to defraud EuroMillion players out of Millionaire Raffle wins.

Lotteries do have an impressive rate at detecting this kind of fraud due to the checks that they make, but it is a lot harder to check this kind of thing on a Scratch Card game.

Our advice then is to always keep your winning lottery ticket if possible and to double-check results online before trusting a shopkeeper to do the right thing.

It does seem to be the case that shop keepers will be tempted to take the chance of gaining cash via defrauding lottery players.

Lottery players can check details online via the official lottery sites for both lottery games and scratch cards.

Why take the chance that someone might do the right thing when it comes to a lottery game win.

From this example it is obvious that they will more times than not take the option of attempting to defraud lottery players out of legitimate wins.

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