Seven Time Lottery Winner Story

We have been following the story of a seven-time lottery winner on the internet. The story has appeared on sites like The Huffington Post and various other publications, so we thought we would take a peek.

Man wins lottery seven times playing his own numbers

It must be stated beforehand that we are not believers in lottery systems or using a particular methodology to increase the odds of winning a lottery. This is all smoke and mirrors, in our opinion. If your numbers come up, it is a pure chance.

For your numbers to come up, you would have to play a lottery game or stand no chance of winning the lottery. If you read the article, it describes how this man, Richard Lustig, has gone on to win amounts on the lottery seven times over twenty years.

In the video, he states a few basics that lottery players should abide by and, for the most part, most lottery players stick to.

  • Rule Number 1 is Do not buy Quick Picks. Select your numbers and stick with them. The methodology behind this is that, eventually, your numbers will come up as the law of averages kicks in. We would say select numbers and choose a Quick Pick, as well as numerous huge lottery wins that have come via the route of the Quick Pick.
  • Rule Number 2 is buying scratch cards; buy ten in a row. Don’t mix and match. If you buy ten scratch cards, chances are you will win one of the tickets, even if it is just getting your money back. No big secret there, then, but a common sense approach it is.
  • Rule number 3 is the golden rule. Allocate a budget, and don’t spend money you don’t have. As per the Lottery video, try not to develop lottery fever. This is harder said than done when there are massive lottery jackpots, but it is the most critical rule.

The odds of winning any lottery are massive and to gain a small edge is great. It does remain a small edge, though, so it is perhaps best to treat any lottery or scratch card game as a bit of fun and not a profession.

Oh, and the final bit on Richard Lustig, the Seven-time lottery winner, just in case you did not view the video. He has a book for sale revealing the secrets of how to win the lottery. Now there is a surprise. The one indisputable fact that Richard did present is that if you are not in the Lottery, there is no way to win the lottery. So purchasing a lottery ticket is the most critical element. I don’t think we need a book to tell us that.

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