Seeking Two Fife Millionaires

The Millionaire Raffle game on EuroMillion lottery is spreading the wealth far and wide. The organizers of EuroMillions are currently looking for 2 new Millionaires in the town of Fife in Scotland who both picked up winning Millionaire Raffle tickets.

Winners of the £100 Million Millionaire Raffle game are so diverse, this is as it should be. There have been Mechanical Engineers to Laundry Workers who have all benefited from the massive draw.

There is one more Scottish EuroMillions winner from East Dunbartonshire who has also not yet claimed the Million Pounds due from a win on the Millionaire Raffle game. Tonights draw of EuroMillions is worth £43 Million after no one managed to pick up the jackpot prize on the Tuesday Draw.

A jackpot of this size normally draws a lot of extra play as it has now reached significant proportions. After the last two Lottery jackpots being won on a Tuesday draw it is refreshing to be playing for a big jackpot on a Friday draw. It does add a bit of spice to a weekend.

Lottery players need to make sure they have EuroMillion tickets on hand as there is bound to be a last minute rush for tickets. As ever we recommend purchasing tickets online from an authorized lottery ticket distributor. Simply click on the play now button above to get tickets for the Lottery draw tonight.

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