Scunthorpe Double Lottery Winners

Double Lottery WinnersA lucky Scunthorpe couple have made history with a Double EuroMillion Lottery win. The lucky pair have defied massive odds and have picked up wins on both Millionaire Raffle and Millionaire Maker games.

This remarkable Double Lottery win is a unique case of perseverance and the power of positive thought.

Dave and Kathleen Long are the double lottery winners, although it must be said the majority of credit for their fortune must go to Dave Long.

The first EuroMillion Lottery win came on the special Millionaire Raffle game that celebrated the London Olympic Games. That Olympic EuroMillions Draw paid out 100 Million Pound Raffle prizes.

Dave Long with some very astute lottery game strategy thought he would take a chance as there would be a lot of winners and the odds were better than normal.

Lucky he did as that was the draw that provided him with his first Million Pound win. According to Dave, after that EuroMillion win he lasted exactly 3 days in his old job.

He then predicted that he would win the lottery a second time and as most people do, his family scoffed at him. He persisted and chose his EuroMillion draws carefully.

He chose the last Friday EuroMillion draw in the month of March 2015. As we all know, that is now called a EuroMillions Mega Friday draw.

This particular lottery draw was paying out 10 Millionaire Maker prizes,as per Dave he was feeling a bit lucky, he decided to get a few lottery tickets on the way home.

He did this mainly due to the fact that he noticed that there would be prizes for ten EuroMillion players in the Millionaire Maker part of the draw.

The rest as they say is history. His numbers came up for the 2nd time in Millionaire Maker and he even managed to win a few pounds in the lottery draw.

As it is a Mega Friday draw, Dave Long had also won a luxury motor vehicle. The Double Lottery winner now needs to make a choice between a Jaguar and Range Rover.

This is on top of his Double Lottery win. So you see, it can pay to make sure you are part of the EuroMillion Lottery draw.

We are not so sure if positive thought had much of a role to play in the win, we do know that he chose his draws carefully and the result is a fantastic fortune for him.

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