Scratch Cards Paying Out Millions

Scratch Card Games are some of the best paying jackpot games both online and offline.Recently these Instant Jackpot type games have been in the news a lot, for obvious reasons.

Northern Irish Lottery players in particular have struck a rich vein of luck with National Lottery Scratch Card games. In the last week there have been 2 notable wins.

The most publicized and smaller of the wins occurred in Belfast to a Cleaning Lady on her way to work. This particular woman had played for years and finally managed to hit a major win on the Bejeweled Scratchcard.

As she was being driven to work by her son, she scratched the card to reveal a £300,000 winning combination.She managed to make it to work though and complete her shift.

The other major scratch card win in the region is a reported £1 Million win. This time the win occurred in County Down to a mystery man who bought a £2 scratch card at a Tesco.

According to reports he scratched his ticket and asked the cashier to confirm if the scratch cards were real. He apparently could not believe his good fortune when she confirmed they were.

He is said to have stated that he need to go sit down in his car.This is after he had revealed the winning combination to the cashier.

Scratch Cards are growing in popularity due to the instant nature of the prizes.It is the simple scratch and win or play again factor that is driving this.

It must be pointed out though, there is no guarantee of winning a prize. Always play with caution and prudence on this type of game.

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