Powerball Lottery Tops $200 Million

This weekend the Powerball Lottery has a jackpot value of over $200 Million. The prize total is a massive $216 Million at the moment, making it one of the more attractive lottery games to play this weekend.

Powerball Lottery Jackpot paying over a $100 Million

The current lottery jackpot will mean a payout of over $100 Million to a lottery winner after taxes. The draw for the Powerball Lottery takes place on March 16th at 9:50 pm and will also feature a special St Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle.

The St Patrick’s Millionaire Raffle guarantees to make four new millionaires and five tickets worth $100k each.

The Millionaire Raffle is a separate draw; tickets for the raffle will cost $20 each. The draw for the Millionaire Raffle will take place on the Sunday after the draw for the Powerball Lottery.

We think that the organizers of the Powerball have missed a trick here by not combining the two draws.

Surely they could have added a little cost to the Powerball Lottery ticket and integrated the St Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle into the main draw.

We saw the popularity of the EuroMillion Lottery sky-rocket in the United Kingdom with the addition of a Millionaire Raffle game.

Other countries participating in the EuroMillion Lottery have also added raffles to their version of the lottery.

Most notably, Ireland and Portugal added EuroMillions plus. Perhaps this is a question of technology and running out of time. To have two lottery draws also stretches player finances a little in these economically harsh times.

UK Lottery players can also take part in the Powerball Lottery by purchasing Powerball Lottery tickets here.

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