Powerball Lottery now $260 Million

The Powerball Lottery just keeps growing. The popular US multi state lottery was another rollover on Saturday and that means the Lottery jackpot has increased again substantially.

The new Powerball Lottery jackpot is worth a staggering $260 Million and expect that figure to rise even more as players pile in. When a lottery reaches this kind of total it seems that there is a lottery frenzy. If you do not know what a lottery frenzy is well its a simple explanation.

A Lottery Frenzy comes about when a specific lottery reaches a massive amount. This then leads to a frenzy among lottery players that is much akin to a feeding frenzy. Lottery players will start purchasing a lot of tickets in the hope of hitting the big one.

One of the main reasons for the frenzy is that Lottery players all to often leave it till the last moment to buy tickets. We recommend against that tactic. Our philosophy is simple and straight forward. Avoid Frenzy tactics at all costs. They normally turn out to be quite expensive. Maintain your natural Lottery purchasing style. Simply do it in good time.

This weeks Powerball Lottery draw on Wednesday the 20th of March has a cash value of over $161 Million. There is going to be a rush on Powerball Lottery tickets so make sure that you have tickets for the draw in good time.

Even winning the consolation prize on the Lottery carries a prize total of $1 Million dollars. That is some consolation.

The Powerball Lottery motto states ” Its Americas Game”. They are a bit behind the times as it is now a worldwide lottery. Players from South Africa, Britain and Australia are able to buy Powerball Lottery tickets directly from us.

Make sure that you are in it this Wednesday to Win it.


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