Powerball $305 Million Jackpot

It seems never-ending does it not? No sooner has one massive lottery jackpot been won when another pops up.

This time it is the Powerball Lottery. Powerball is one of the oldest Lotteries in the USA and now players from outside of the USA are able to play the lottery. Please note that Powerball is not a lump sum lottery and that taxes are payable on any wins on this popular US Lottery game. Read our full Powerball Lottery Review here for more information.

If a lottery player wins the Powerball lottery players have the option of either selecting an annual annuity payment or a single lump sum that is about half of the jackpot amount. I don’t know about you but I could do with a $152.5 million single payment now.

Powerball Lottery is a multi state USA Lottery and tickets can be bought online from the link below.

Buy Powerball Lottery Tickets Here

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