Portuguese EuroMillion Super Draw Win

Portuguese EuroMillion Super Draw Win A Portuguese EuroMillion Lottery player has hit the jackpot. A single ticket win of the latest instalment of EuroMillions Super Draw worth £72 Million has been won.

This EuroMillions Jackpot prize win is of course worth €100,000,000 as Portugal is a Euro currency EuroMillions playing country.

Portugal has in recent times fared very well in the EuroMillion Super Draw events, Portuguese Lottery players have claimed single ticket wins in the last 2 EuroMillion Super Draws.

We are of course talking about the recent Super Draw as well as the €190,000,000 Super Draw that took place on 24 October 2014. The winner of that particular Super Draw has elected to remain anonymous.

EuroMillion Lottery Winners in Portugal are taxed on wins of over €5,000 at a rate of 20%.This would still be a bitter pill to swallow despite winning a huge lottery jackpot as the majority of EuroMillion playing countries do not impose a winner’s tax.

The EuroMillions draw taking place today is once again worth the default amount of £10,000,000 with all the headlines in the United Kingdom centred on finding Millionaire Maker winners.

In the latest case a winner of a £1 Million prize is being sought from a lottery ticket bought in Plymouth in the 20 February 2015 lottery draw.

The Millionaire Maker code for that win is XMN947162 and the winner has until 19 August 2015 to claim the prize. After that the funds will be sent to the Good Causes Fund.

As per our usual rant, we always wonder at people who buy EuroMillion Lottery tickets who then forget to or fail to check the results. That is literally throwing money out of the window.

We always recommend getting EuroMillion Tickets Online and UK players are able to get tickets directly from our site at the official EuroMillion UK site,

Our advice as ever, don’t only play EuroMillions, play clever by going online and remove the risk of forgetting or misplacing a winning lottery ticket.

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